Once A Thief Feedback

Want to let those in charge know what you think about ONCE A THIEF? Here's how to contact them:

  Alliance - the company that produces and distributes OAT.

  CTV - the network that airs OAT in Canada.

  ONCE A THIEF - the staff of OAT

  For info on how to contact the OAT actors, see the Cast Page.

Alliance and CTV do accept feedback via e-mail. However, snail-mail will probably have more impact than e-mail. Corporations tend to be old-fashioned. Letters are more likely to be kept and/or forwarded to those in charge than e-mail, which may be seen only by the webmaster.

For Americans, here's a handy-dandy chart that tells you how much postage you have to put on a letter to Canada:

Weight: Postage:
0.5 oz.$0.46
1.0 oz.$0.52
1.5 oz.$0.64
2.0 oz.$0.72
3.0 oz.$0.95

Note: The rule of thumb for letters is 5 pages = 1 oz.

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