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There was a short mention of Nick's new series, ONCE A THIEF, in the June 5 Toronto Sun:

Once a Thief: Action director John Woo's stylish drama about a secret international crime-fighting unit. Filmed in Vancouver and starring Sandrine Holt, Nicholas Lea and Ivan Sergei. Mondays 10 p.m. (CTV).

And from the June 6 Edmonton Express:

Once a Thief is a spinoff of a TV movie by Woo, the former Hong Kong action director transplanted to Hollywood. It is about an elite, secret crime-fighting agency supervised by an inscrutable Jennifer Dale.

Although filmed in Vancouver it takes place in a generic North American city and, like Due South, will air in syndication in the U.S.

[CTV's group vice-president for programming Gary] Maavara said although Woo will oversee the project, it will have a different orientation than the martial-arts-heavy movie that drew only anemic ratings.

That will give "more of a chance to develop the characters as opposed to the big action."

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   For U.K. fans: There is a mention of Nick Lea (and a small picture of him) on page 13 of the November issue of Satellite Times. It reports that ONCE A THIEF will be airing in the U.K. soon, probably on Sky One. Also, the BBC has bought the rights to air ONCE A THIEF. (That doesn't mean they will actually show it, alas.)

  The Canadian magazine TV Week had THE X-FILES and ONCE A THIEF on the cover in November 1997. ONCE A THIEF was represented by a photo of Sandrine Holt. Reportedly, there was a very long article inside, in which Nick, among others, was interviewed.

  The Canadian magazine Take One (vol. 6:18, Winter 1998) has a cover story on JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF. There's a full-page color cast photo on the inside front cover and several black and white photos in the 4-page article about the show. Nick is only mentioned briefly, but the photos are nice.

  The U.K. magazine Starburst (#234, February 1998) features a terrific 4-page Nick Lea article, with great photos. He was interviewed on the set of ONCE A THIEF, and talks about the show, among other things. Click here to find out how to mail order it.

    USA Today, Woo's 'Thief' steals back onto TV, July 17, 1998 - article with an interview and picture of John Woo.

    Dallas Morning News, Double feature carries Woo name, but not trademarks, July 18, 1998.

  There's a little article about ONCE A THIEF, with an interview and picture of John Woo, in the July 17, 1998 issue of USA Today.

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