Nick in NYPD Blue

[Drama, 2002]

Nick guest starred in a three-episode arc of this acclaimed TV show. He played "Frank Colahan," Det. Connie McDowell's brother-in-law.

Connie's pregnant sister and her husband, Frank, move to New York from Chicago. He's an out-of-work construction worker with a drinking problem. She is a recovering addict. They have a very volatile relationship....and he physically abuses her.

"One in the Nuts"
While Andy heads the hunt for the gunman who shot a stolen-goods fence in a very private body part, a few of the guys grab Connie's scummy brother-in-law (Nicholas Lea) for a little talk about his mistreatment of her pregnant sister (Katherine LaNasa). Meanwhile, Baldwin gets down to the business of having fun with Maya (Tanya Wright).

"Meat Me in the Park"
The hunt for an abducted girl is thrown off track by the arrest of Connie's wife-beating brother-in-law (Nicholas Lea) and the murder of an NBA prospect's pregnant girlfriend.

"Death By Cycle"
Nicholas Lea wraps up his three-part guest stint as the lowlife married to Connie's sister, who pays a steep price for forgiving his abusive ways. Meanwhile, Medavoy has a score to settle with a suspect who may have knifed a teen for his high-end bike.

USA Today didn't like Nick's storyline. They had this to say, in their October 21, 2002 issue: Connie's brother-in-law exits NYPD Blue (ABC, 10 p.m. ET/PT), and none too soon. It's been a strong season so far, but that story line was too familiar to work.

Ralph Garman, a regular on LA's alternative station KROQ's morning show, played Officer Gruden in NYPD Blue. He was the officer already on the scene when Frank was arrested in Nick's second episode. He had this to say about working with Nick: He was a terrific guy ... We had a blast.

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