The Scrapbook

Last updated August 13, 2005


Stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else....

Cons & Other Personal Appearances:

  Nick at Lights, Camera, Auction!, 2005

   Transcripts, photos, etc., from Nick's appearances at the 1998 X-FILES Expos. (Last updated March 19, 1999.)

   An animated GIF from Nick's New Jersey Creation con appearance.

   A gallery of photos taken during Nick Lea's New Jersey Creation con appearance.


  Krycek in the X-FILES 2001 Calendar (May)

  Krycek stamp from the Russian Republic of Mordovia.

  Australian X-FILES Contact trading cards.

  Topps X-FILES trading cards.

  Inkworks X-FILES trading cards.  

  Chicago Wizard World card

  Art from the X-FILES Pinball Game, featuring Krycek.

   The "Apocrypha" Collector's Card.

   The "Tunguska" Collector's Card.

  X-FILES CCG cards.

Other Stuff:

   Fan Tribute to Nick, in honor of his last episode of THE X-FILES

  The Foxtrot cartoon from June 18, 1998. (Mentions Krycek!)

   Fan Tribute in honor of the 100th episode of THE X-FILES.

   The announcement and ad for the Lyric School of Acting.

  The Thank You Nick Campaign.

   Nick avatar in Tanya Huff book?

   Nick was nominated for a Gemini Award. It's sort of the Canadian version of the Emmys. He got a "Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series" nomination for his work in THE INVESTIGATION. (Anne Wheeler also got a "Best Director" nomination.) The awards ceremony was broadcast live on Monday, December 13, 2004, on CBC. Nick didn't win, but it's still great that he was nominated!

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