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The Impossible Elephant


[Family, 2000]

Screen Captures

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A "family feature" produced by Edge Entertainment:

"What's it like to befriend an elephant? A young boy makes this discovery when he is introduced to a unique pachyderm, and it changes his perspective on life. THE IMPOSSIBLE ELEPHANT is a classic story of life-transforming experiences, love, and the everlasting values of friendship."

THE IMPOSSIBLE ELEPHANT stars Mia Sara, Nicholas Lea, and William Taylor. It has aired Europe on Sky and Sky Ditigal under the title THE INCREDIBLE ELEPHANT. From Satellite TV Europe: "Decent children's drama about a bullied boy who has lost his mother and wishes for the coolest pet, one who never forgets. Lo and behold, next morning he has a baby elephant for company." So far, it hasn't been released in the U.S. yet.

All Daniel Harris wants is a pet. One night, Daniel sees a falling star and wishes for the coolest pet he can imagine. That night, he is shocked to discover a baby elephant in his back yard, but Daniel's father (Nicholas Lea - X Files, Vertical Limit) has the elephant taken to the local zoo. Daniel plans a dangerous rescue to break 'Lumpy' out of the zoo, and Lumpy helps by flying over the zoo wall. That's when Daniel learns that having a special flying elephant for a friend has a lot of benefits!

Daniel Harris (Mark Rendall) is still reeling from the loss of his mother. To make matters worse, he's being hunted by the school bully, a hundred and fifty pound boy, cruelly nicknamed Butterbutt (Jordy Becker) by the older kids. All Daniel really wants is a pet. But his father, Steven (Nicholas Lea), wishes he'd make some "people" friends instead. Even Molly (Mia Sara), a close friend of the family, who has become sort of a surrogate mother to Daniel has been unable to help. One night, Daniel sees a falling star and he takes a wild chance. He wishes for the coolest pet he can imagine - one his mother told him never forgets.

That night Daniel hears noises in the back yard and is shocked to discover a baby elephant, which he promptly names "Lumpy". The next morning, Steven is astonished to find that Daniel has a real live baby elephant in his room. Being an investigative reporter, Steven is also frustrated when he can't figure out where it came from.

While Steven's initials effort to have the orphaned elephant taken off their hands are thwarted, Daniel's bond with Lumpy grows. To Daniel and Lumpy's dismay, Lumpy is finally taken in by the local zoo. Strangely, he is rejected by the other elephants; apparently, they know that young orphaned elephants often die without their mothers.

Daniel sadly watches Lumpy get sicker and sicker in the confines of the zoo until he makes an incredible discovery. But no one seems to believe Daniel when he explains that Lumpy may be extra special. The zoo's keeper, George (William Taylor), cannot see any other option but to send Lumpy to a larger, more resourceful zoo to handle his deteriorating condition. Ultimately, Daniel and his new friend Gilbert "Trout" Goldberg (Alex Doduk), a nerdy class genius, decide to plan a dangerous rescue before Lumpy is shipped off to the San Diego zoo.

The Impossible Elephant is about facing the most difficult situations in life and even when you've failed before, finding the hope and strength to try again. For Daniel, it's about standing up for himself, making new friends, and proving what his mother taught him is true - there is magic in the world, if you believe. For Steven, it's about learning that he can't protect Daniel from every painful experience. For everyone, it's about believing that nothing is impossible.

Peace Arch Entertainment holds the US Pay TV and Free television rights to the project, while WIC Television holds the Canadian Pay TV and Free television rights. Edge Entertainment holds the US and Canadian theatrical and home video rights to the film. The Impossible Elephant will be distributed in foreign territories by Carlton America.

The Impossible Elephant is being produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund's Equity Investment Program and License Fee Program, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program and the Saskatchewan Employment Tax Credit.

Running time is around 95 minutes. The Impossible Elephant was filmed on location in and around Saskatoon, SK.

THE IMPOSSIBLE ELEPHANT premiered at the Sprockets International Film Festival for Children in Toronto, on April 20, 21, and 29 at the Isabel Bader Theatre.

Edge Entertainment Official Page

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