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Articles (Chronological)

According to the Vancover Sun, Nick will appearing at a benefit for Women In Film on Saturday, July 21, at Robson Square.

TV Guide (June 26-July 2, 2006, NASCAR cover) has a yummy photo of Nick on page 74.

Entertainment Weekly (June 9, 2006, with the Entourage cast on the cover) has a very small photo of Nick, along with a description of WHISTLER.

        This dark, soapy drama starts when Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Beck McKaye turns up dead at the bottom of a bunny hill in the titular resort. The series follows the impact on his parents, friends, and brother Quinn (Final Destination 3's Jesse Moss). "It's multigenerational," says exec producer Noreen Halpern. "There's real interconnectedness, even more so than on The G.C." Quinn digs into the death and, because this is The N, gets cozy with Beck's girlfriend. In adultland, "characters are having sex for all the wrong reasons," says Halpern. "Though they are the right reasons for good TV." Nick in Whistler

Vancouver Province (April 10, 2004), featured this blurb: Vancouver actors John Cassini and Nicholas Lea have been cast as detectives in CHAOS alongside Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham and Ryan Phillippe, which finally got under way this week. (We assume Cassini is juggling the production with his role in Robson Arms)...

US Weekly, July 7-14, 2003, mention of Nick with a small photo on page 64 (as Lucy Liu's ex).

Vancouver Province (July 6, 2002), "Welcome Home, Nicholas" - short interview with Nick.

Vancouver Province (August 28, 2002), featured this blurb: Vancouver's Nick Lea (Vertical Limit) is shooting at least one episode of ABC'S NYPD Blue in Los Angeles. No word on whether he's a perp or a cop. Lea, better known as The X-Files' Agent Krycek, fell just short of landing a lead gig with Blue when Jimmy Smits left the show. That role eventually went to Ricky Schroeder - and current hunk detective Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

THE X-FILES Official Magazine 2002 Yearbook has profiles of all the regulars, including Krycek. There are lots of photos, though most of them have appeared previously elsewhere.

TV Guide (May 12-18, 2002) - one of the X-FILES articles quotes Nick's agent as saying that Nick "doesn't talk about the series for whatever personal reasons of his own."

The new X-FILES Official Magazine (#2, April 2002) - Titan Publishing.

The new X-FILES Official Magazine (#1, March 2002) - Titan Publishing.

Cinescape (March 2002) has a small photo of Nick (with David Duchovny at the premiere of Ocean's 11) on page 18. There's also a photo of Laurie Holden at the premiere of The Majestic.

Entertainment Weekly (September 7, 2001) - an article that says Krycek may be back, featuring this comment from Frank Spotnitz: "In many ways, it's a new series.... Anything can happen. I would look at [Krycek's] dialogue very closely before he got shot."

Best Friends Magazine (September 2001). The magazine of the Best Friends animal sanctuary. On page 26, there's an acknowledgment of a contribution by Nick's fans, including a photo of Nick.

The Leader-Post (Regina), August 25, 2001, p.F7, "Feature film has a Regina feel to it" (article about SHOT IN THE FACE).

Maclean's, August 20, 2001, "People" section has a short article about Nick.

Vancouver Province (August 14, 2001), blurb about about a couple of Nick's projects.

The Georgia Strait (Vancouver), July 05th - July 11th, 2001, "Arts Notes" section has a blurb on the Lyric School of Actors.

Vancouver Province (June 26, 2001), little blurb about the Lyric School of Actors.

Daily Variety (May 21, 2001), L.A. edition, a full-page ad thanking Nick for his eight years of work on X-FILES.

National Post [Canada], May 5, 2001. "LA Times: Hollywood's Anti-Brat Pack Members Tell the Truth About Tinseltown", by Cori Howard. Interview with photos, that appeared in the newspaper's Saturday Night magazine supplement.

Vancouver Sun, "Queue Best Bet: Lunch With Charles," by Marke Andrews, Thursday, January 25, 2001.

The Georgia Strait (Vancouver), "Lunch With Charles review," by Ken Eisner, January 25th - February 01st, 2001.

Vancouver Province (December 19, 2000), interview with Nick. He talks about his favorite movies. There's a really nice photo, too.

Vancouver Province (December 13, 2000), "My Most Immobile Job. Nick talks about filming THE VERTICAL LIMIT.

RoughCut interview with Nick, about VERTICAL LIMIT

Cinescape (Nov./Dec. 2000), "Faces of the Future: Nicholas Lea."

Vancouver Sun, "Just another acting job for Nicholas Lea," November 27, 2000.

TV Times (Nov. 3-9, 2000, Canadian version) "Beyond Those X-Files."

Cinescape (Sept./Oct. 2000) has an article on THE X-FILES. There's a small photo from "Requiem" that includes Nick.

Cinefantastique (October 2000) - two articles that mention Nick, and two photos.

Saskatoon StarPhoenix (21 September 2000), "Big-time movie star lands in Saskatoon," Betty Ann Adam.

TV Guide Online (August 24, 2000) - review of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

Fox Online: X-FILES Official Site, August 24, 2000. Live chat with Nick Lea. See Kari Wuhrer chat transcript too. (She mentions Nick a couple of times.)

Yahoo Entertainment News (August 23, 2000) - review of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

TV Week (August 20-26, 2000) KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE review and pics

TV Guide (August 19-25, 2000) - small black and white photo of Nick from KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE, as well as a review.

TV Guide (August 19-25, 2000), Canadian version - small color photo of Nick and Jason Preistley from KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

Entertainment Weekly (#555/226, August 18-25, 2000) - review of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE, with a small photo.

Vancouver Province (June 26, 2000), "The Next One" - interview with Nick, with three photos.

Cinescape (July/August 2000) has an article on THE VERTICAL LIMIT. No photos of Nick, but he is mentioned.

Hollywood (July/August 2000, German) has an article about John Woo. It's about Mission Impossible 2 and doesn't mention Nick, but it does have this photo from ONCE A THIEF.

The Eleventh Hour Web Magazine, Jul./Aug. 2000, "Casting Quirks".

The X-Files Monthly, (British, issue 50, July 2000) - small picture of Nicholas Lea at premiere of Return to Me.

Entertainment Weekly Online covered the premiere of Return To Me. There's a nice photo of Nick.

Entertainment Weekly, June 2, 2000 (#543). Article on THE X-FILES, and a small photo of Nick, suggesting he could replace Duchovny.

USA Today, May 11, 2000. Wloszczyna, Susan. "An 'X' factor tops next action hero list."

USA Today, April 28, 2000. "Action: Tell us your movie hero."

Cult Times (#54, March 2000) has a small picture of Nick on the cover. There's an old photo of Nick inside - a very small version of this one.

Xposť Special Yearbook, 1999-2000, "The 30 Hottest Stars of Science Fiction," with a profile and photo of Nick.

Gradnitzer, Louisa, & Pittson, Todd. X Marks the Spot: On Location with THE X-FILES, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999). A book about the production side of the show. Has one one small photo of Nick.

THE X-FILES Official Magazine #11 (Fall 1999) contains a one new photo of Nick.

Mr. Showbiz, July 1999: Finally, there's word in The Hollywood Reporter that Bill Paxton and Nicholas Lea (Krycek on The X-Files) have joined Chris O'Donnell in the cast of Columbia's The Vertical Limit. The high-altitude mountaineering drama focuses on a climbing disaster on the slopes of K2, second only to Mt. Everest as the most sought-after of the Himalayan summits. Paxton will play a free-wheeling billionaire who hires Lea to get him to the top of K2, while O'Donnell is set to play the climber brought in to rescue Lea's team after they become trapped during their ascent. Robin Tunney and Scott Glenn have also been tapped to star in the film, which will begin production in New Zealand in August.

Hollywood Reporter, July 2-4, 1999, "Paxton, Lea climb aboard 'Vertical Limit.'"

Access Hollywood, July 1, 1999, on location with KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

Fox Online press release, (June 11, 1999), about KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

USA Today, June 11, 1999, article about KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

THE X-FILES Official Magazine #10 (Summer 1999) contains a great Nick interview and lots of pictures.

Hollywood Reporter, (May 4, 1999, international edition) has an OUTER LIMITS tribute that mentions Nick: There's even been a fair amount of cross-pollination within the sci-fi genre, with such "Star Trek" series actors as Rene Auberjonois, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo and Nana Visitor, and Nicholas Lea from "The X-Files" all taking a shot at testing the outer limits.

DreamWatch (#56, May 1999) has a new photo of Krycek from "S.R. 819" and mentions him briefly in its sixth season episode guide.

DreamWatch (#55, April 1999) - contains an article about HARSH REALM, with a nice photo of Nick.

X-Pose #13 (German edition, February/March 1999) contains a couple of photos of Nick: one from the ONCE A THIEF set, and one from the movie premiere. I can't read the articles, but I think one is a news thing about XF's ratings and HARSH REALM casting rumors, and the other is about the move to L.A.

Mania interview with Laurie Holden (there's mention of Krycek and Nick)

Hollywood Reporter, (February 9-15) has a terrific photo of Chris with Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea. Taken at the Cable West January press tour at Perino's.

X-Pose (#32, February 1999), "10 Things You Never Knew About Nicholas Lea." (Visitors to this page should have known all of these!)

X-Pose (#31, January 1999), article about Season 6. Nick Lea comments on the move to L.A.

THE X-FILES Official Magazine #9 (Spring 1999) has an ad for the next issue with a great picture of Nick! There's also an article about the filming of "Two Fathers" that mentions Nick.

Entertainment Weekly, Feb. 5, 1999 (#470). Big article on XF, with some comments from Nick and a nice photo.

Entertainment Weekly (January 22-29, 1999) "Forecast '99: Big Events" by Jeff Jensen. Has a blurb on HARSH REALM: Fox golden boy CHRIS CARTER slouches toward the millennium with his new sci-fi pulper. PROJECT - Fox's Harsh Realm (that's the working title), the latest from The X-Files and Millennium creator Chris Carter (planned for this fall). THE DETAILS- It's based on a sci-fi comic book; gumshoe Dexter Green must track down track down a kid lost in a computer-created "pocket universe" - an idea that came to creator James Hudnall in a dream. "I woke up and started thinking," he recalls, "and pulled all these random thoughts into a story." AT STAKE - Realm needs to be bigger than Millennium if Carter is to kick off his $25- 30 million Fox pact with a bang. CASTING CONSPIRACY? - Buzz casts Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek on The X-Files) as Green (though Fox says Lea is one of many candidates). And with rumors of Krycek's demise, Lea might be available. As always with Carter, the truth is out there.

Wrapped In Plastic #38 has a review of "The Beginning" with some kind words about Nick: "The Beginning" is an okay episode, though we've begun to realize that the really good mythology episodes always seem to end up having Krycek in them...The X-Files could use a few good Nicholas Lea appearances to propel the mythology back into the high gear it enjoyed in episodes such as "Piper Maru"/"Apocrypha" and "Patient X"/"The Red and the Black."

Meisler, Andy. Resist Or Serve: The Official Guide to THE X-FILES, HarperCollins, January 1999. Complete season 5 episode synopses, and some photos of Nick.

Cinescape X-FILES Yearbook (1998, Vol. 4, No. 6) has a complete episode guide (through season 5). There are several photos of Krycek, most of them old ones. There is one new one with the Laurie Holden interview. This magazine also contains the Nick Lea article and picture that appeared in The X-FILES Official Magazine #5.

Cinescape (November/December 1998) has a sidebar on page 57 entitled "X-FILES: The Next Generation." There's an old picture of Krycek (the baseball cap one from "Tunguska"), and a blurb that says, "Now that an internal struggle is shaking the Syndicate (and since he's the only character with a sex life), Ratboy's services will be in demand."

THE X-FILES Official Magazine #7 (Fall 1998) has four photos of Nick.

Cult Times (#36, September 1998) - features an article speculating on what season 6 holds for THE X-FILES. There's an old photo of Nick with the caption "More work for Nick Lea."

Newsday [Long Island, NY], September 20, 1998. Interview with Nick Lea and Dean Haglund. Also had a photo of Nick with some kids.

Starburst magazine (#240, August 1998) - photo of Nick Lea and Laurie Holden at the XF movie premiere.

Sci-Fi Teen (July 1998) short interview with Nick.

X-Pose (#24, July 1998), "The Event Character," by Ian Calcutt. Short interview with photo.

Toronto Sun, "Schroder Butts In," Claire Bickley, July 17, 1998.

San Francisco Chronicle (Monday, June 22, 1998), "For Your Files." An X-FILES character guide. About Krycek: "An FBI agent gone bad, Ratboy has double-crossed everyone in the cast. He has his own interest in the Oiliens, and it's cost him his right arm. Did we mention he's gorgeous? He's gorgeous." (I think she means his left arm.)

Shister, Gail, "Schroder likely to replace Smits on NYPD," Knight-Ridder News Service, June 1998.

Beck, Marilyn, "Replacement search for Smits heats up," Hollywood column, June 2, 1998.

DreamWatch (#46, June 1998), "Rat Poison" (interview with Nick, includes three photos).

The X-FILES Official Magazine #6 (Summer 1998) has three pictures of Nick. They are small, but nice!

DreamWatch (British, #46 June 1998) - interview with Nick with some nice pictures.

Cult TV (British, #11 June 1998) - interview with Nick about "slash-sexual encounters," among other things. Two photos, both old.

TV Guide Online (June 8, 1998) article on David Duchovny and Tea Leoni's first anniversary, with a quote from Nick about David: "It was hard on him," says actor Nick Lea. "He was handed the key to the city and ended with eggs being thrown at his house. People just didn't see that he wanted to be with his wife."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 19, 1998) - article about the D.C. Expo, with a lot of Nick.

Entertainment Weekly (May 15, 1998, #432 ) - sidebar article on Nick in its "Television Review" section, p. 83.

Vancouver Province, April 21, 1998. "X-Files Stars Bid Farewell At Orpheum Benefit Bash," by Mike Roberts. Coverage of the Vancouver cancer benefit, The Cure Is Out There, which Nick attended.

THE X-FILES Official Magazine #5 features a Krycek cover and short interview. (The special Krycek cover is only available at comic book stores or via mail; regular magazine suppliers l have a different cover.) Info on ordering via mail is available at the official site.

Meisler, Andy. I Want To Believe: The Official Guide to THE X-FILES, HarperCollins, March 1998. Complete season 4 episode synopses, and some photos of Nick.

X-Pose (#20). Photo of Nick in the letter column, accompanied by a couple of letters from British fans begging for more Krycek coverage. The editor promises there will be more, soon!

LA Times (Feb. 1998) feature on Nick reveals some info on the X-FILES two-parter.

Starlog #248, March 1998. "In Smoke Eternal," An interview with Bill Davis, in which he says some nice things about Nick.

Vancouver Province, February 8, 1998. "Agent Krycek infiltrates X-Files Expo." Nick talks about the XF Expos.

Starburst #234 magazine (February 1998 - Volume 20, Number 6) features a terrific Nick Lea article (pgs. 28-31), with great photos.

DreamWatch (#53 January 1998) -Chris Owens interview, in which he mentions Nick: "When I moved to L.A, I was thinking of sharing an apartment with Nic (Nicholas Lea), but people said, 'No, no. You should think twice... unless you like having a party every night.' Everybody knows he is such a nice guy, and I like parties, but every night is... er... unacceptable," Owens smiles widely. "I enjoy working with him! I really do."

TV Guide, (January 24-30, 1998), Canadian version - "Double Duty" by Andrew Ryan - very short interview with Nick, with a nice black and white photo.

Starburst magazine (#232, December 1997) - nice photo of Nick with Lucy Liu, a quote, and a CD-ROM containing a interview clip of Nick.

Vancouver Sun, December 2, 1997, "Lea Hot On the Power of TV" - long article on Nick, and a really weird photo!

Vancouver Province, October 31, 1997, "Nick's Files." Interview.

Shivers magazine (#46, October 1997) - interview with Nick.

Xpose (#14, September 1997) - article called "The Sex Files" evaluates Krycek's sex appeal.

Cult TV (British, July 1997), "Who's Who In THE X-FILES?" - Krycek dossier with a small photo.

The X-Files Official Magazine (#2, Summer 1997) Mini interview with Nick.

The X-Files Official Magazine (#1, Spring 1997) - interview with Nick Lea.

SCARLET STREET interview: "Inside the X-Files: Nicholas Lea" (Spring 1997).

The X-Files Official Magazine interview with Nick Lea (#1, Spring 1997).

Wrapped In Plastic #28 (April 1997), has two small black and white photos of Nick, and a blurb saying, David Milner reports that Nicholas Lea, a.k.a. Agent Krycek, recently appeared at a convention to promote the new X-Files card game at a February 14 card trade show in Vancouver. The next day, he met with fans and signed autographs. Lea said that he would appear in the last two X-Files episodes of this season! (Needless to say, Nick wasn't in the final two episodes of season four.)

Shivers magazine (#39, March 1997) - review of "Tunguska"/"Terma" with favorable comments about Nick. There's also a letter in the letter column, demanding the rest of the Nick Lea interview started last fall. They promised it would be in the April issue - but it wasn't.

Starburst magazine reviews "Tunguska" and "Terma" (#223, March 1997).

X-pose Special (#1, March 1997) - profile of Nick.

A transcript of the January 1997 Dreamwatch magazine interview with Nick.

DreamWatch (November 1996) - photo of Nick at the Emmys.

CINEFANTASTIQUE interview with Nick Lea (October 1996).

FHM magazine gives Nick and Mitch "The Bloke Test" (October 1996).

Shivers #34 (October 1996), interview with Nick, with photos.

The Toronto Sun interviews Nick Lea (September 28, 1996).

Satellite Times interviews Nick Lea and Mitch Pileggi (September 1996).

Xpose interviews Nick Lea (#2, September 1996).

FREETIME interview with Mitch and Nick: "X-Communications" (July 31st-August 31st 1996)

Interview with Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea from Science Fiction Review (#1, 1996) translated from Dutch by Ralph M. van het Nederend.

TV Zone magazine interviews Nicholas Lea (#74, January 1996).

SFX interview with Nick Lea and Mitch Pileggi (#8, January 1996).

Starburst magazine (#209, January 1996) - interview with Nick Lea and Mitch Pileggi.

Toronto Sun, "Opening the X-File on Krycek," Claire Bickley, October 17, 1995.

Mad (#335, May 1995). I think the "government informant" in the XF parody is actually supposed to be Krycek. It doesn't look like Deep Throat, X, or Marita...