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Nick Lea FAQ

This site has gotten so large it's hard for new visitors to find things. This page provides quick answers to the most frequently asked questions, or links to where the answers can be found.

Nick's Career:

Why wasn't Nick in the X-FILES movie?

Chris Carter couldn't figure out how to work Krycek into the story. (The movie was written before the fifth season, and CC had no idea Krycek would be back with the Consortium by the time it aired.) The movie was aimed at people who may never have seen THE X-FILES before. Many viewers didn't even understand who Skinner was; Krycek would have really confused them. Plus, Nick was busy filming ONCE A THIEF, which made it even more difficult.

Will Nick be in the next movie?

So far, no. They decided that the "conspiracy" arc was too confusing for general audiences. The second movie is going to be a "monster of the week" type story, so characters like Krycek won't be in it.

I hear Nick starred on his own TV series. Does it air in the U.S.?

ONCE A THIEF has been syndicated all over the world, including in the U.S.

What about EARTH ANGELS?

This was a "presentation pilot," meant for network eyes only. It was not picked up. That means it will never air. (There are bootleg tapes circulating, being sold on eBay, etc.)

Will Nick be appearing at any X-Files Expos this year?

No. The Expos were to promote the X-FILES movie. With no movie this year, there won't be any Expos.


I hear Nick used to be in a band. What was it called? Can I buy their albums?

Nick's band was originally called The Panic. Later they changed the name to Beau Monde. Their music was influenced by "British invasion" early '80s pop - Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode. Nick never recorded anything professionally, though. And contrary to rumor, Nick does not sing any of the songs on the X-FILES movie CD, nor has he appeared in any music videos (though William B. Davis and Gillian Anderson have).

Where can I buy photos of Nick?

Try Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, Inc., 242 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011. Phone: (212) 989-0869. Or look on eBay; there are often nice photos of Nick for auction there.


Does Nick really have two daughters?

No. Hal Schuster wrote that in his book, The Unauthorized Guide to the X-Files, but it's not true. He made a mistake. Nick has no children.

What color are Nick's eyes?

He says green. I would call them hazel. Sometimes they look green, sometimes blue, sometimes brown.

I hear Nick changed his name when he became an actor. Why?

Actors often use "stage names." Sometimes they have to, because someone else has already registered their name with the Screen Actor's Guild. Usually, though, they just want something that sounds better or is more memorable than their real name. (John Wayne's real name was "Marion Morrison"!) I don't know why Nick chose "Lea" rather than some other name (or even if he chose it - sometimes actors' agents choose their stage names).