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The 1999 X-FILES Desk Diary has some very nice pictures from X-FILES' fifth season, including three of Krycek.

Genge, N.E. The X-FILES Lexicon is a sort of X-FILES dictionary. I was pleased by the entry for Krycek, Alex. It said that while Krycek has been accused of all kinds of crimes, no one has ever actually seen him do anything except pistol-whip a tram operator. Nice to see someone admit this!

Gradnitzer, Louisa, & Pittson, Todd. X Marks the Spot: On Location with THE X-FILES, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999). A book about the production side of the show. Has one one small photo of Nick.

Mangels, Andy. Beyond Mulder and Scully is about the supporting characters of THE X-FILES. And yes, there's a chapter about Nick!

Meisler, Andy. I Want To Believe: The Official Guide to THE X-FILES, HarperCollins, March 1998. Complete season 4 episode synopses, and some photos of Nick.

Meisler, Andy. Resist Or Serve: The Official Guide to THE X-FILES, HarperCollins, January 1999. Complete season 5 episode synopses, and some photos of Nick.

Odom, Mel, and King, Robert. The Vertical Limit: A Novelization. Pocket Books, November, 2000. Color photo section contains a couple of photos of Nick.

Russell, Maureen. HIGHLANDER Complete Watcher Guide Warner Books, 1998. There's a photo of Nick (as Cory Raines, standing in his open grave and looking up with MacLeod and Amanda flanking him) in the episode guide section, p. 221, along with a synopsis of "Money No Object."