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Television & Film

Access Hollywood, July 1, 1999, on location with KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

BOYS' NIGHT OUT, 2001 (Canadian interview show)

Fox local news (WNYW - New York), featured a short interview with Nick - probably from stock footage. They asked him and Sabrina Lloyd (of Sliders) whether they believed in aliens.

Fox local news - interviewed many people at the X-FILES 100th episode party, including Nick.

French TV interview with Frank Spotnitz mentions Krycek briefly.

fX - Behind the Truth - short Nick interview, to promote the XF reruns on fX.

Global News, April 1998 - Canadian coverage of "The Cure Is Out There" and the GM Place events.

Mornings On 2 - San Francisco news/talk show, interviewed Nick on March 6, 1998, before the first Expo.

Roswell: Cover-Ups and Close Encounters a Sci-Fi Channel documentary hosted by Jonathan Frakes, contains a brief clip of Nick. It's a piece of his Sci-Fi Buzz interview, which we've seen before, but he's awfully cute and worth watching again. (Love the earring!) You can also order a videocassette of the program for $19.95 by calling 1-888-550-3647 with a credit card number, but you'd have to be really hardcore to buy it for the five-second clip of Nick. (If you don't want to sit through the whole two-hour program, Nick only appears at the end. Tape it and fast-forward, or don't bother to turn on the TV until the last five minutes or so.)

Sci-Fi Buzz, October 11, 1996, had a short interview with Nick.

U.K. interview with Mitch and Nick (1995)

URBAN RUSH, Canadian interview show

X-Philes, some brief clips of Nick at the Expos, and talking to fans on location filming "Two Fathers."