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"Exclusive Interview: Nicholas Lea Talks 'Kyle XY' Season One Dvd, Season Two Secrets, and X-files 2," from IF Magazine

"Q&A: Nick Lea," from

"DVD Verdict 048 - Actor Nicholas Lea," from DVD Verdict (podcast)

" 'Kyle XY' Returns with a New Girl and a New Mission," from TV Jots (a review with some nice things to say about Nick)

"Nicholas Lea of Kyle XY and The X-Files," from

"Nick Lea Breaks Down Kyle XY: The Complete First Season!" from MovieWeb

Digital Spy has an interview with KYLE X/Y star Matt Dallas. (And yes, he talks about Nick.)

  The LA Daily News has a short interview with Suleka Mathew. She talks about her MEN IN TREES romance, and how Nick got the part. She also reveals that Nick will be in four more episodes.

Area 52: the Sci-Fi Magazine from TV Guide Entertainment Network (an online interview)

Best Friends Online Newsletter, June 22, 2002, mentions The Friends of Nick Lea donation. (Scroll down to "It's a Conspiracy.")

Blondie's Ratcave, the Krycek/Marita site, has an interview with Frank Spotnitz. Some interesting stuff about Krycek's background, and about the Krycek episode that had to be scuttled when Nick was unavailable to do it.

A transcript of Nick's 5/9/96 CompuServe live chat

DefenseLINK, (May 1999), article and photo of Nick in Washington DC. (He went skydiving with the U.S. military.)

The 11th Hour (January 2000) bemoaned the fact that Nick Lea was "Missing In Action."

The Eleventh Hour Web Magazine, Jul./Aug. 2000, "Casting Quirks".

Entertainment Weekly Online (March 27, 1998) had nice photo of Nick with some commentary on "The Red and the Black."

Entertainment Weekly Online (February 2, 1999) had an article about XF, with a Nick photo and quote.

Entertainment Weekly Online covered the premiere of Return To Me. There's a nice photo of Nick.

A transcript of Nick's 12/16/96 Foxworld live chat

Fox Online press release, (June 11, 1999), about KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

Fox Online: X-FILES Official Site, August 24, 2000. Live chat with Nick Lea. See Kari Wuhrer chat transcript too. (She mentions Nick a couple of times.)

Mania's Nick Lea interview! Long, detailed, with quotes from Nick on each of his X-FILES episodes as well as several of his other roles.

Mania interview with Laurie Holden (there's mention of Krycek and Nick)

Eric McCormack live chat, October 18, 1998. Nick was mentioned! Eric, the star of Will and Grace and Lonesome Dove, says he, Nick, and John Pyper-Ferguson went out for a few beers together!

OC Now's Secrets of THE X-FILES

Pendrell Suites - the official site of the Vancouver hotel that gave Agent Pendrell his name. A segment of TV ROAD TRIP was filmed there, with Nick as the host. They have a video clip of it.

RoughCut interview with Nick, about VERTICAL LIMIT

TV Guide Online (June 8, 1998) article on David Duchovny and Tea Leoni's first anniversary, with a quote from Nick about David: "It was hard on him," says actor Nick Lea. "He was handed the key to the city and ended with eggs being thrown at his house. People just didn't see that he wanted to be with his wife."

TV Guide Online (August 24, 2000) - review of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.

Yahoo!Chat Sarah Stegall (June 11, 1998) mentioned Krycek and how hot he is.

Yahoo!Chat X-Files Movie Premiere Party (June 11, 1998) mentioned Nick several times.

Yahoo Entertainment News (August 23, 2000) - review of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.


HIGHLANDER Watcher's Database CD-ROM has a file on Nick's character, Cory Raines.

The X-FILES Unrestricted Access CD-ROM, billed as the definitive X-FILES resource, has a bio for Krycek. It lists his eye color as hazel, and says he killed Bill Mulder. But the case file for "Anasazi" only says that Krycek was the most likely shooter. (So much for the definitive resource!)